The world has lost its mind. There are those who wish to dismantle democracy for their own self interests. I cannot let that happen. My children deserve to grow up in a world of meritocracy and not be taken advantage of by the wealthy or at the expense of the wannabe wealthy.


Many issues of the 3rd district are inextricably intertwined. Infrastructure, the economy, and the environment are some of those. I intend to go after some of that infrastructure money to build that bridge we need over the Columbia River. We lose a lot of money due to the traffic tie up from that bottleneck. This will require working with Oregon and Multnomah County. And I want a MAX line on that bridge. Then we can work on our own electric bus transit system in Clark County and the outlying counties of our district. It's a tall order but it will strengthen our economy, alleviate traffic blockage and ultimately be good for the environment.



Affordable housing is another topic that has multiple causalities. It is tied together with the environment and homelessness. Like it or not climate refugees will become an ever increasing issue. We've seen the rise in tent cities in Portland and our area. We are going to have to continue to make room for subsidized housing.



We are incredibly lucky to live, work, and play in one of the most beautiful places in the world. This natural beauty is not only our greatest asset, but it is also our greatest legacy. We must endeavour to protect our resources, from the oysters of Pacific County, the salmon from the Columbia River and the timber from my home of Skamania County. We can preserve and protect our natural environment while developing our built environment through common sense planning and code enforcement.


If there's anything that the past pandemic year has shown us it is the problem with having your healthcare tied to your employment. It presumes that your employment will always be there when in reality, it likely won't. This alone is the argument for universal health care. And while we're at it, Why does dental, vision and hearing get excluded? Why did I just have to drop $3000 bucks out of pocket when I needed a root canal?